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Princess Cruises announced today that smoking will be prohibited in cabins and balconies.

Smokers need to put out their cigarettes soon because starting January 15, 2012, smoking won’t be allowed in passenger staterooms or on balconies.

The cruise line has listened to the customer’s changing preferences and the fact that more places around the world are limiting places for smokers to light up.

“Our consumer studies now show that smokers are a small minority of our passengers, and that the large majority of passengers value having their primary living space onboard smoke-free,” said Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises executive vice president.

Cruisers, if you crave a smoke break, there will still be areas for you, including the Churchill’s cigar lounge, a section at the casino and disco, and a few open decks.

Sounding board: Do you think the new policy benefits all passengers?


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