New 2018 Guide

New 2018 Guide

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Luxury-line Ponant has released a new video showing new renderings of its four new polar class ships, launching from 2018.

The ships will take you to breathtaking parts of the world – from the arctic to tropical waters, the ships will visit destinations like The Great Lakes, Cuba, Panama Canal and the Amazon.

The ships will feature gastronomic experiences, all suites will have balconies and the ships will be decked out in elegant interiors.

These ships will be able to explore unchartered waters and will even have an infinite pool and an underwater lounge.

Guests will be able to paddle board, water ski, snorkel and more.


Readers' Choice Awards

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No doubt 2020 will go down in cruise history as the year of the pandemic – a once in a generation event. And this year’s Cruise Passenger Readers’ Choice Awards will reflect it.