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P&O Cruises Australia has donated surplus vaccine to Vanuatu public health authorities recently to immunise local children, as part of its continued work with Pacific Island governments and local communities to ensure communities benefit from cruise ship visits.

The handover of 500 units of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine took place during one of Pacific Jewel’s regular calls at Vila, a favourite destination for Australian and New Zealand cruise passengers.

P&O Cruises has been cruising the Pacific Islands for nearly 80 years, and has an extensive program in place which encompasses sustainable environmental practices, development of shore tours to provide local business opportunities, as well as basic infrastructure such as jetty maintenance and eco sewerage facilities.

“The recent vaccine donation in Vanuatu highlights the strong relationship P&O Cruises Australia has established with communities over many years of cruising to the Pacific Islands,” said Ann Sherry, CEO of Carnival Australia which operates P&O Cruises. “Cruise ship visits to the Pacific Islands currently deliver around $35 million in economic benefit annually with the combined direct spending of P&O Cruises and its passengers.”

P&O Cruises Australia also continues to work with Pacific Island governments and local communities to ensure the region benefits from cruise ship visits through tourism-related ventures and employment opportunities in partnership with groups such as AusAid and Australian Business Volunteers.

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