New 2018 Guide

New 2018 Guide

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Crystal Cruises introduces new options for private shore tours.

Passengers cruising with Crystal Cruises from August and September this year will have the option to forego group shore excursions and take the same tour in a private group.

The Private Adventure Option will cater to groups of two, four or six passengers and will include a private guide and vehicle for passengers and will follow a pre-planned itinerary set out by the cruise line.

It’s a blessing for those who shy away from big group tours and Thomas Mazloum, Crystal Cruises senior vice president, hotel operations, is confident it will be popular on the line’s two ships.

“While I heard how much guests appreciated the ‘creative content’ of our Crystal Adventures, some said they would love to take the same tour by themselves to make it even more personal,” he said.

Crystal Cruises also has another program, the Crystal Private Adventure, which allows groups or individuals to customise their own shore excursions.

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