Pacific Jewel – Blog 2

An earlyish start to the first full sea day – breakfast at the Plantation buffet on Deck 12. I was dreading queues but they moved briskly along and the selection of hot and cold breakfast fare was impressive. Being in holiday mode even though I am really working hard every minute I had to go the scrambled egg and bacon route – an excellent choice. Booking our shore tour for the Isle of Pines was next on the list, and once that was done with speed and efficiency at reception on Deck 5 we wandered off to the Guess handbag sale at the Casbah on Deck 7, and then to the duty free shops. It’s just so easy to spend money when all you do is hand over that plastic cruise card and sign …

After an extra-shot cappuccino at the Chocolate Cafe (about the same price as at a Sydney cafe) we went to Connexions on Deck 7 to do a bit of line dancing. I have never done this before and being total unco I was either behind everyone else or pointing in the wrong direction but it was a really fun way to work off a few kilojoules for half an hour and everyone had a laugh. Lunch at the Waterfront was again very good, but it was slightly disconcerting seeing a woman sitting at her table draped in a beach towel. The weather is cold but that’s going a little too far I think! A facial in Aqua Spa took up a blissfully relaxing hour or so in the afternoon and then we went to see the Pacific Entertainers in the Marquee theatre. I’ve never been a fan of ‘production spectaculars’ but have to say I was thoroughly impressed by the performers’ professionalism and energy – and Kiwi comedian Mike Bennett, who did a stand-up stint much later in the evening, was also very entertaining. But don’t go if you can’t handle lots of F words and mother in law jokes.

In between these shows was a performance by Pacific Cirque in the atrium – quite amazing aerial gymnastics. Oh yes, and somewhere between all this entertainment we squeezed in the full degustation dinner at La Luna – details to follow shortly. Maitre’D Krzysztof has offered to supply us with wheelchairs to get us around the ship after all this dining research!