I have an elderly neighbour who I have turned on to cruising.  She went on a South Pacific cruise on Pacific Jewel recently and, due to her fear of the unknown, was almost in tears as she boarded.

Things are different now. She had such a great time on her cruise that she asked me for my collection of cruise brochures to help her make decisions for next one.

I keep hearing that the age demographics for cruisers drops every year, especially as cruise companies try to make their product more attractive for younger first time cruisers.  Apart from school holidays, where the family market definitely seems to be taking over, non-school holiday cruises still seem to attract the over 55s.  I hope cruise companies don’t lose track of the fact that the majority of their dedicated cruisers are “older” rather than “younger”.

There are still enormous numbers of seniors, however, who have not cruised. They hate paying single supplements. But as some cruise lines are now building single cabins and occasionally dropping the single supplement, I believe, with the correct advertising, we could see a real increase in the over 55 market.