There was so much to do today.

We arrived at Koolama Bay and the Zodiacs were soon ready to zip the more active off for a tour and a hike. Another tour was offered for the less active (minus the hike) and this sounded good to me.  But the same tour was offered in the afternoon, so we chose this: giving us more time to enjoy lunch on the rear deck.

We zoomed along the King George River and photographed the spectacular red cliffs, which change colour depending on the light.

After an exciting ride, we came across the King George Falls: the highest single-drop falls in the Kimberleys.

As we left the falls we sighted another Orion Zodiac, manned by two crewmembers.  When we pulled up along side, to our amazement, all aboard were handed a chilled glass of champagne. Now that’s what I call adventure cruising with style!

Fishing was also offered as well as optional helicopter flights for a bird’s eye view of the falls.

Back on the ship, we enjoyed our daily afternoon tea, elegantly served in the Leda Lounge.  After tea, we joined our regular team for our daily hit of trivial pursuit.

Dinner, served in the Constellation Restaurant, was followed by the evening’s entertainment. Along with the regular dancing, this included a game of “Name That Tune”, which our team won. We were awarded an Orion lanyard to wear with pride.