Last week I learnt of the passing of Dr Michael Armstrong, one of Australia’s greatest travel photographers. Michael was well known in the travel industry due to his photography that illustrated the travel articles of his wife, award winning travel writer and author, Diane Armstrong.

I first met Michael in his “day job” as a GP, diagnostician and medical author. I was looking for a new doctor and all my friends recommended Dr Michael. We became fast friends due to our mutual love of photography and would talk and compare photos for hours, debating the virtues of digital imaging versus film.

Michael met Diane at university and they married soon after completing their respective courses in 1959. Next to medicine and family, photography was Michael’s passion and he would spend hours in his darkroom perfecting photographs. Michael’s work was hung in many galleries.

Retiring due to ill health from his medical practice at age 68, devastating his patients, Michael continued with his love of photography. Whenever Diane was working on a travel article, Michael would be there shooting a photo. During recent trips to Morocco, China, Rwanda, Kenya, Croatia, Sicily, the Arctic and Antarctica, Michael was there with his camera.

Michael’s funeral was held on Friday April 15, 2011 and he was farewelled by his family and many friends. I will miss him and our talks very much.