Crystal Serenity Day 5: Sea days are me days

Look up “day at sea” in a dictionary and it will be defined as follows: the ability to do as much as you like or as little as possible.

Having packed our recent days full of touring, eating and experiencing cruising the Crystal way, our one day at sea this voyage provided the perfect way for us to relax and rejuvenate.

With an itinerary filled with dance classes, movies, language classes, sporting activities, computer lessons and art classes, I did have every intention of a day of enrichment but the warm Mediterranean sun, the sparkling water of the pool and the Crystal Spa just called my name too loudly!   Having noticed that one of the major differences aboard Crystal was how quiet the ship is, we joined others in cheering when a Caribbean-style band made their way to the stage.

The guests were up dancing, cheering, singing along and having a right royal time – now this was my idea of cruising and something very unexpected with a somewhat older demographic aboard than I am used to.

When the band stopped after only an hour, several passengers approached them to ask whether they could play some music through the PA system to keep the vibe high but, alas, not all passengers appreciate the music and the crew had also had complaints about the “noise”.

You can’t please everyone it seems!

Hotel Director Christian Krempl said that it was noted how positive an affect the music had on the passengers by the pool so, they would be reconsidering the amount of time the band played on future days at sea.

On a day filled with relaxation, it would be criminal not to book in a treatment at the Crystal Spa and, for someone who had indulged in such delectable food and cocktails since boarding, it would be remiss of me not to book in a tri-enzyme facial.

Escorted through the spa to change into a lush robe, I am given some time out in the relaxation area located on deck 13 aft.

Floor to ceiling windows look out over the back of the ship and I sink into a plush chair to catch up on some gossip from the pleasantly recent magazines provided for guests.

I strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger who tells me that he is on a butterfly cruise (back to back voyages) and has booked in a spa treatment every day for he and his wife.

For them, cruising is all about pampering and boy do they look pampered!

Spa therapist Ronel, invites me into a treatment room and proceeds to analyse my skin ahead of a decadent menu of cleansing, resurfacing, mask application, moisturising and my favourite step, massage.

Ronel works with such fluidity that I slip in and out of slumber. Experiencing that delicious feeling that there’s nowhere I need to be overcomes me with warmth.

My skin glows appreciatively and I return to my suite for an afternoon nap before we get decked out in our formal gear.

Dinner is in the dining room this evening complete with two of my favourite dishes – lobster and baked Alaska. Would all the good work of a skin detox be ruined by dinner? If so, it would be worth it!

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Words: Natalie Aroyan