The 3.5-hour bus journey from Schipol airport to the port of Eemshaven, Celebrity Reflection‘s temporary home,  proves that Holland (or this part of it anyway) is indeed very flat. There are windmills galore – the big three-bladed wind-farm variety – and the first view of the ship is of her looming majestically above the Eemshaven Sugar Terminal, surrounded by windmills, cranes, containers and gantries. There’s a palpable air of excitement shared by everyone from port workers to Celebrity Cruises staff, passengers from all over the world, and day visitors – in fact some visitors enjoyed their time on the ship so much that they stayed until just before departure and had to be requested to leave by name, over the PA system. Embarrassing! The moment of departure at sunset was amazing – three long loud blasts and the ship was moving almost imperceptibly away from the dock, on her first official cruise. Today, the captain said this was the moment he’d been waiting for since the ship’s construction in Germany began.