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New 2018 Guide

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If ‘Norwegian Cruise Line’s chocolate night’ didn’t grab your attention, then maybe this will.

The company has announced it will serve new and creative cocktails across its fleet as part of its $250 million Norwegian NEXT revitalisation initiative.

The new beverage program will be created in conjunction with award-winning mixologist Gabriel Orta of Miami-based Bar Lab Cocktails.

Bar Lab previously created five specialty destination-based summer cocktail menus based on where Norwegian ships were sailing.

Now, the extended agreement with the company will include new handcrafted cocktails featuring avant-garde concoctions made with fresh juices, aromatic herbs and spirits.

New drink menus will be available fleet wide from September and new holiday cocktails will debut in October.

Earlier this month, Norwegian Cruise Line revealed it will launch ‘chocolate night’ to its itineraries.

The evening will be held once every cruise and will feature seven different desserts.

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