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New 2018 Guide

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British cruise line introduces a very casual dining concept this January.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines is set to make another innovative change to the world of cruising – the introduction of a take-away dining concept to add to it’s current dining options, tentatively called “Nights in with Fred”.

Although this sounds similar to the standard room service offered by many hotels and cruise ships, Fred Olsen Cruise Lines plans to make it more like having take-away at home by offering several themes of cuisine on the take-away menu.

According to the cruise line, passengers would have to place their orders by 2pm on that day and would choose between Thai, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Mexican and English pub food.

The concept will be introduced first onboard Balmoral and Black Watch and only on cruises longer than 21 days during evenings when the ship is at sea.

Would you order take-away on a cruise? Or would you prefer to take a more traditional dinner in the dining room?


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