World’s first floating city

Put aside the floating hotels and get ready to welcome the world’s first floating city.

Freedom Ship International has unveiled a new plan to build a ‘Freedom Ship’ capable of housing 50,000 people.

If completed, the $10 billion project would be the world’s largest water vessel, stretching over a mile long and stacking 25 storeys high.

The ship would tower over the world’s current largest ships, Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class vessels, which currently house 5,400 passengers at double occupancy.

According to early designs, the ship will include shops, homes, businesses, an airport and a dock for other cruise ships.

As well as accommodation, the vessel is also expected to include a school, aquarium and a baseball stadium.

However, before the project can get off the ground and into the sea, Freedom Ship International director Roger M Gooch says the company needs at least $1 billion in funding. An amount he’s certain he can achieve.

“This will be a very heavily capitalised project and the global economy in the last few years hasn’t been too inviting for unproven progressive projects like ours,” told NY Daily News.

He added that the ship would never have to dock and could just sail around constantly.