If you spot the cruiser with a wine glass in hand during lunch or a beer by the pool, you can bet they’re likely to be an Aussie.

Carnival Cruise Lines head of beverage operations Eddie Allen, who was in Australia this week searching for new drinks to bring on board, said wine and beer are a huge part of Australian culture and it’s one they love to take on holidays.

Although that may not be too much of a surprise considering we do have a big pub and winery culture, he did say that when it comes to cocktails Aussies are more likely to select gin and bourbon based cocktails over vodka.

Rum based cocktails like daiquiris are also growing amongst Australian cruisers.

And while we know what Aussies love, you’ll be surprised to find tequila is the one drink they’re most likely to turn down.

“Australians aren’t drinking as much tequila, but I think there is a trend coming cause I see quite a selection of tequila drinks at Australian bars,” he explained.

But it’s not just alcoholic beverages Australians love to drink on board. Eddie says when it comes to coffee Australians are experts and take their daily dose seriously.

“Australians appreciate their coffee and have high quality expectations,” he explained. “They take it seriously.”

In response to the coffee passion, Eddie said the line has been working with the Australian coffee school to bring on board fresh coffee beans and learn to make a cup according to Aussie expectations.

“We’re adding new names like Flat White and Short Black to match Aussie coffee names and we’re even taking lessons from the school back to the US cause we’ve learned so much about the quality of beans and freshness.”

Other changes cruisers can expect to see on board will be new martinis, increased bourbon selections and more handcrafted cocktails.

Among the new cocktails is the Cucumber Sunrise, a vodka based drink with watermelon, lime, cucumber and orange juice.

There’s also the Spicy Pineapple Martini, with Skyy vodka, pineapple juice, syrup, mint leaves and Monin chipotle pineapple syrup.

“We’ve been working on the Cucumber Sunrise for six months in the US.”

Staff are currently being trained how to make new drinks and they are expected to be on the line’s menu later this month.

We asked our readers on Facebook what they are likely to be seen drinking at sea and Pina Colada was the clear favourite.

Other Cruise Passenger reader favourites are:

– Strawberry Daiquiri
– Mai Tai
– Long Island Iced Tea
– Margarita Slushie
– Coconut in the coconut with ice
– Dirty Martini