The Australian dollar has slumped to US70c and economists believe it may fall to US50c by the end of 2016.

And while many travel agents and experts have told Cruise Passenger that Australians are resilient travellers, many are starting to hold back.

Carl Frier from Cruise First in Sydney said he has started to see a shift in the way Aussie cruisers are booking their dream holidays.

“Our clients are still very interested in travelling and while the number of bookings has not changed, we are starting to see that its harder to get them over the line. It now takes another two or three follow up calls which means maybe an extra two to three weeks for our sales agents,” he said.

“So while they are still very much interested in going away and travelling, they are being very cautious with letting go of their money.”

Mr Frier said travellers are now heading to Asia rather than popular destinations like the Mediterranean and the United States.

“Our clients are looking for short haul cruises. Asia is becoming increasingly popular for our clients because as soon as they step off their ship, the Australian still fares well against all Asian currencies. It means they can shop and spend money on excursions and not have to worry as much about the dollar,” he said.

“There are no specific lines or destinations that our clients are targeting – they are looking for holidays where their money can go a long way. So repositioning cruises are extremely popular. And cruises with pre and post accommodation as well as flights included are extremely popular.”

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