Viking exhibition compliments river cruises

Viking River Cruises has teamed up with the Australian National Maritime Museum to bring the ‘Vikings – Beyond the Legend’ exhibition to Australia.

The exhibition compliments the cruise line’s 2014 itineraries, which follows old Viking sailing routes along the Volga, Neva and Svir between Moscow and St Petersburg.

There are 22 tours ranging from eight to 23-days.

Opening in September, the exhibition aims to quash Viking stereotypes of ferocious, horn helmet wearing pageants through new archaeological discoveries.

Artifacts include never before seen items in Australia including, Scandinavian crucifix, neck rings, small statuettes of Norse gods and Viking swords dating back to 700AD.

Viking River Cruises Australia managing director Teresia Fors said: “It is a rare opportunity to find something so intimately connected to our history and where there is such an obvious connection to our brand.”

The exhibition will be held at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney until 30 November 2013.