A national survey conducted by P&O Cruises Australia has confirmed that love, exciting and new, can be rekindled aboard a cruise ship.

74 percent of those questioned recommended taking a cruise to put the spark back into a relationship.

The spark may wane if the world’s sexiest man George Clooney, or the gold hot pant adorning, Kylie Minogue is onboard though with the two joining Prince William as the most desired celebrities to cruise with.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga were rated as the least popular celebrity cabin mates.

“We know from the famous ‘Love Boat’ television series that romance blooms on the high seas and our P&O Cruises’ ‘True Love at Sea’ survey confirms it also happens in real life cruising,” Carnival Australia vice president corporate affairs Peter Taylor said.

“Our survey shows that the relaxing lifestyle on a cruise ship is a sure fire way of rekindling romance in with more than 80 percent of those surveyed saying they felt more relaxed as couples during the cruise.”

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Words: Natalie Aroyan