The future of Aussie cruising

On a visit to Sydney last week, his first since 2009, Royal Caribbean International’s (RCI) chief executive, Adam Goldstein, met with New South Wales authorities to discuss the current state of the Australian cruise industry.

Speaking with the media after the meetings, Goldstein advised that while the NSW government is much more aware of the economic benefits of cruising and showing greater determination to address Sydney’s cruise infrastructure problems than it was two years ago, there is still a long way to go.

“I am not sure that NSW fully understands how critical it is that the cruising equation be right here in Sydney,” he said. “Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and other cities will all benefit if Sydney is a robust hub of the cruise wheel.”

But Goldstein is positive about RCI’s role in the region: “Two years ago, I wouldn’t have anticipated the pace of growth in the Asia Pacific region – especially in China, where Legend of the Seas has completed a very successful cruise season and Voyager is keenly anticipated.”

What do you think about Goldstein’s comments?