Hurtigruten’s Ms Nordlys still afloat after tragic fire.

Still Afloat

Hurtigruten’s Ms Nordlys is no longer in danger of capsizing despite an explosive fire last week that caused the death of two crew members, injuries to nine others and the evacuation of 260 passengers.

The ship’s engine room caught fire on Thursday morning as it was sailing off the coast northwest of Oslo, Norway. Smoke billowed from the burning ship as passengers boarded lifeboats and were ferried to the shore –­ later transferred to the Rica Parken Hotel in Alesund.

When the ship arrived in Alesund later that day, the damaged hull was letting in water, and while the fire was under control, rescue workers who were pumping water from the ship had to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Divers inspected the damaged hull on Sunday and found that it is no longer taking in water.

Investigations into the cause of the fire are still underway.

How do you think you’d cope if your cruise ship caught fire?