Sister cruise lines, Swan Hellenic and Voyages of Discovery may undergo some changes later this year to create more of a distinction between the two brands and attract new and younger cruisers.

Colin Wilson, group sales director at All Leisure Holidays – the parent company to both cruise lines – told Cruise Passenger cruisers often have difficultly differentiating between the cruise lines because they’re both small ship lines with an emphasis on the destination.

However, one of the key differences between the two is pricing and inclusions.

Currently, Swan Hellenic costs cover the cruise, gratuities and all excursions. Voyages of Discovery pricing includes the cruise, plus gratuities but travellers create their own shore excursions or pay for them during the holiday.

Although changes will be officially revealed in October – when the 2015/16- brochure is released – Mr Wilson said the company wouldn’t rule out making Swan Hellenic an all-inclusive product.

He also hinted that itineraries could be adjusted.

“When we joined this business we felt that perhaps the two brands were a little bit too closely aligned and customers had difficulty telling the two apart,” he said.

“So we will make them more distinct by changing a little bit of what’s included and what it looks like.”

As well as creating a distinction between the two brands, Mr Wilson said changes to Voyages of Discovery could help attract younger cruisers.

Voyages of Discovery currently appeals to retirees in their late 50 and 60s. Swan Hellenic is suited to people in their 60s early 70s.

“We’re never going to be a young person’s product,” he explained.

“But with Voyages of Discovery I think we will see a slightly younger market booking with us when we re-launch in October.”