Short break for tired seabirds

Birds cash in on growing popularity of P&O Cruises’ short break itineraries.

Equipped with a crate of spare engine parts and a healthy dose of conservationist ideals, Robin Cooke is a seabird’s best friend.

Robin, who is a P&O Cruises environmental officer aboard 2,020-passenger Pacific Dawn, came up with the idea to build a safe haven on board the liner for tired seabirds to rest in.

According to Pacific Dawn captain Nick Turnbull, the ‘passengers’ receive special last-minute deals for their short stays on board – “20 squid a night” for their “bread and beak-fast.”

Birds, such as petrels and shearwaters, seek shelter in the ‘cabin’ once a week on average, Robin says. Then, after resting, they are usually strong enough to fly away.

“Just taking the birds up on deck to let them go wasn’t working well and I didn’t feel good watching them ‘run’ to a corner to try to rest in the windy and sometimes rainy conditions,” she said.

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