Seat Saving Days Over On Carnival

The message sent to passengers aboard Carnival Breeze via their cabin televisions

Carnival Breeze has become the guinea pig for Carnival Cruise Lines’ new seat saving policy.

Ever the complaint of passengers, seat saving has become rife across the fleet, resulting in the line implementing a ban on reserving sun loungers.

A message was sent to passengers aboard Carnival Breeze last week via their cabin televisions, indicating that towels and belongings will be removed from sun loungers not in use for over 40 minutes and taken to the towel station for collection.

Senior Cruise Director John Heald made announcements regarding the change in policy over the PA system as well as on “The Morning Show with John and Calvyn” and the message was also posted on the Seaside Theatre screen to ensure all passengers were made aware.

Dedicated crew will police the decks and place a label with the current time on sun loungers not being used.

They will return 40 minutes later and, if the chair is still reserved and unoccupied, they will remove the articles and deliver them to the towel station for collection ensuring that a note is left on the sun lounge to inform the passenger on their return.

If the test is successful aboard Carnival Breeze, adjustments will be made before rolling the new policy out across the fleet.

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Words: Natalie Aroyan