Further information has come to hand pertaining to the eviction of a couple off the Seabourn Sojourn on 12 May after one-half of the couple refused to attend the mandatory passenger emergency drill.

In a statement made by Seabourn, the line said that, despite numerous warnings and personal communication by the ship’s officers, one of the passengers still refused to attend muster.

“The safety and security of all guests and personnel on board must remain our first priority,” a spokesperson said.

“Mandatory attendance at the emergency drill conducted prior to every voyage is a strict company policy to ensure the safety of everyone onboard. No exceptions are permitted.”

Seabourn expressed that any passengers too ill to participate in the drill prior to sailing can attend a make-up drill when they are well enough to.

The line arranged accommodation, transfers and flights home for the passengers who were met by Seabourn representatives in the Lisbon cruise terminal when they disembarked the ship. The unused portion of their cruise fare was also refunded.

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Words: Natalie Aroyan