Sea Cloud Cruises revs up Sail and Race itineraries

Sea Cloud is revving up its engines, with its new Sail and Race 2014 itineraries.

Designed to attract race car lovers, new itineraries combine luxurious sailings across the Mediterranean with unique need-for-speed activities.

A highlight tour from the new brochure includes the eight-night cruise on board Sea Cloud II sailing from Nice, France to Malaga, Spain. The itinerary takes guests along the French Riviera and includes calls to St Tropez and Collioure, Barcelona; Formentera, Balearic Islands and Malaga. During the stop in Spain, passengers will spend a track day at the Ascari Race Resort, where they will partake in drills and learn the skills of negotiating bends, emergency braking and skid correction.

They will also have the chance to feel like a racecar driver, by driving the full track kitted out with a helmet and racing suit. They’ll later be joined by a professional, who will take then around the track at race speed.

Alternatively, the line has a second tour departing 27 October 2014 on Sea Cloud, which will sail a five-night Spanish itinerary from Palma de Mallorea. The trip includes calls to Valencia and a track day at Asacari Race Resort.