Scenic has launched a girl’s guide to river cruising in Europe and South East Asia to help a growing number of women who travel with their mums, sisters or girlfriends.

“Over the past couple of years, we have noticed an increase in the number of women travelling in groups – either with friends or family  such as sisters daughters,” says Aleisha Fittler, General Manager of Journey Design.

Scenic has also seen a growing number of solo female passengers who choose to travel on their own because river cruises offer “comfort, peace of mind and the chance to meet like-minded souls”, the guide says.

The 22-page guide lists what the fairer sex can expect when cruising on their own including what special facilities are on board as well as tailor-made onshore excursions like shopping trips or visiting handicraft markets.

For travellers who prefer the hassles of transport to be sorted out, Scenic offers a “meet and greet” service where they are met at the airport and transferred to the cruise ship.

The guide suggests when and where to cruise including Christmas markets cruises in Europe in November or December, European river cruises between March and October, spending Christmas on the Mekong and Irrawaddy River cruises.

In SE Asia, they can also choose to cruise on the two rivers during the dry months avoiding the monsoon and rainy season in the middle of the year.

Image credit: Scenic