Royal Caribbean is going all out when it comes to entertainment on board the Quantum of the Seas, recruiting a team of tech-experts to develop features in its multi-level entertainment complex, Two70.

In addition to the first sky diving experience at sea, the Quantum of the Seas will also feature shows blending robotics and entertainers.

The performers will move in sync with robotic technology, to create a 3D experience for cruisers.

Drafted to assist with the development, Robotic Arts president Andy Flessas said other than projects in Mars, Royal Caribbean’s plan is using some of the most complex robotic developments in the world right now.

“We have all of the primary equipment come together in one spot, the robots, the screen, the controllers, and we’re hooking them all up and saying, ‘hello world,” Mr Flessas explained.

Check out Royal Caribbean’s robotic progress in the video below: