Royal Caribbean’s tight squeeze from shipyard to sea

Quantum of the Seas will be the biggest ship to travel down the River Ems when she makes her way from shipyard to the sea.

According to German shipyard, Meyer Werft, the ship is required to conveyance along the European river to avoid the impact of storms on the North Sea.

Although a date for her departure is yet to be set, workers are expecting it will be a tight squeeze due to the size of the ship.

At 41.4 meters wide, Quantum will only have a few centimetres of clearance on either side as she travels to the channel.

Four bridges along the way will either have to be removed or lifted to accommodate for her height.

Power will be cutoff to power lines at three locations causing them to shrink and rise so the ship can pass under with clearance of 1.8 metres.

Travelling at two- to- three-knots (or the same normal walking pace as a 40-year-old man), the journey will take 10 hours before she reaches open ocean.

Royal Caribbean vice president for marine operations Patrik Dahlgren said the operation will be timed with the tides and weather conditions to balance the ship’s movements.

Making the process even more of a spectacle, ships are conveyed backwards because it’s usually easier to manoeuvre them in reverse, and Quantum’s journey will be managed the same way.

Once the ship has completed its conveyance it will dock in Eemshaven, The Netherlands where she will commence sea trials and other tests.