Royal Caribbean launches first Instagram film festival

Royal Caribbean, one of Australia’s biggest cruise operators, has launched what it describes as the world’s first Instagram Film Festival.

The cruise line, which features some of the biggest ships operating on the high seas, is asking Australians and New Zealanders to post their “wow” moments on  special website to win a cruise prize.

The  campaign is designed to underpin Royal Caribbean’s “wow” moments advertising campaign.

A microsite, instafilmfestival.com.au, has been launched to hold the entries to the competition.

A  panel of august movie judges is being formed, and a film festival is planned aboard one of the line’s ships in Sydney Harbour next year.

A people’s choice will also feature.

Entrants don’t have to be cruise  linked, but must feature a “wow” moment.

The entry address is @RoyalCaribbean_aunz

Good luck!