Crystal CruisesCrystal Serenity rescued two young men whose boat had capsized while participating in a rowing race across the Atlantic last week.

The men’s dreams were dashed when a large wave sank their boat, leaving them clinging to a small life raft 692 kilometres west of the Canary Islands. Crystal Serenity, sailing 120 nautical miles north of the rowers, responded to a rescue assist call from the Falmouth Coast Guard and picked the men up at 6am on Wednesday morning – a welcome end to a 10-hour ordeal.

“Both individuals are in good spirits and, of course, very happy to be alive,” said Crystal’s President Gregg Michel. 

“We are so proud of the quick reaction and skilled seamanship of our crew that enabled them to save these brave men. 

“While these young men hoped to cross the Atlantic in a most basic fashion, they are certainly experiencing the crossing in the most luxurious environment – an ironic, and heartwarming, turn of events.”