Ride the AquaDuck if you dare…

Ride if you dare…
For cruisers who fancy hurtling themselves down a 765 foot chute filled with water that extends over the edge of a cruise ship, then Disney’s new water slide may just be your thing.
The ‘AquaDuck’ water slide spans four decks and features jaw-dropping views of the ship and ocean as it winds its way around and off the side of Disney’s Fantasy cruise liner.
According to Disney, the water coaster is the first for a Disney Cruise Line ship and is ‘first of its kind at sea’.
This incredible ride was caught on camera by Tim Hammond.
He took the footage while on the ride with his 14-year-old daughter.
The ship was docked at St Thomas’ harbour in the Virgin Islands and he told the DailyMail, “I took this on a Disney cruise in the eastern Caribbean with my family over new years.
“Water slides are cool, especially see-through one’s that jut out over the edge of a cruise ship twelve stories up. The view of St. Thomas was spectacular and the view of the top deck of the Fantasy was also spectacular.” Watch the video here.