Quark Breaker

Polar expedition cruise line Quark Expeditions is adding a new Russian icebreaker to its fleet. The 100-passenger Kapitan Dranitsyn, built in Finland in 1980 and upgraded in 1999, was purpose-built for arctic exploration.

Virtually identical to her sister ship Kapitan Khlebnikov (a popular vessel that, according to Quark Expeditions, has cruised the Northwest Passage more than any other expedition ship in history), Kapitan Dranitzyn will be carrying passengers on two new itineraries to Franz Joseph Land and Novaya Zemlya.

With onboard helicopters and zodiacs for enhanced sightseeing, Kapitan Khlebnikov will facilitate intimate encounters with the polar bears, seals, Arctic fox, Beluga whales and narwhal of the region. And onboard chefs, a bar, auditorium, sauna, heated indoor pool, gym, library and suites with separate sitting rooms, TVs and VCR will ensure passengers travel in a comfort bubble in striking contrast to the harsh and punishing world they explore.

Do your prefer adventure travel to be comfortable or a challenge?