No wonder one cruise line has adopted the cast of The Love Boat to do its marketing. A study of 200,000 cruise enthusiasts found that 80% of them have had amorous encounters on board ships.
The study, carried out by, also revealed that most cruisers came prepared for romance, with condoms topping their packing list.
The poll also found that one in five admitted to cheating on their partners while on a cruise – an astonishing 80 percent said their partner was on board at the time.
The hanky panky is not restricted to younger people. Around 30% of those polled were aged 65 and over.
But there was bad news for those feeling frisky but failing to pack that essential for safe sex – 70% of cruise liners don’t sell condoms.
The company found that sexual encounters at sea is on the increase, but that cruise lines are failing to rise to the occasion.
As well as failing to stock condoms, 80% do not offer the morning after pill.
Some cruise lines do understand that the salt sea air and ocean waves can lead to romantic encounters. Royal Caribbean and MSC passengers do have access to condoms, pregnancy kits and lubrication, while P&O, Cunard and Princess have the morning after pill.
News of the poll findings sparked s furious debate among cruisers, and anger at suggestions that it might not be true among the older demographic.
Journalist Steve Price, who was a guest presenter on Channel 10’s The Project, told the audience and his fellow panelists that he had one memorable encounter many years ago.
“I had sex in a lifeboat once,” he confessed. But he wouldn’t say who the lady in question was – only that the romance happened on a journey on the Med.