Photos from inside Costa Concordia have surfaced, less than a day after the 950-foot wreckage was refloated.

Published on the Daily Mail, the eerie images reveal what is left inside the vessel after spending two-and-a-half years partially underwater off the coast of Gilgio, Italy.

Hallways that were once buzzing with travellers are now damaged and empty.


Some cabins are almost still intact with furniture still in its place and paintings still on the wall. However, in some beds, TVs and personal items were thrown around the room.

One of the 13 bars on board is close almost usable, with bar stools still standing by the bar and light fixtures still in place.

Although some restaurant and dining space experienced minimal damage, others line in the image below have started to rot from the water.

For more images go to the Daily Mail, or go on a video tour of the ship below.