Ever wondered how many people are travelling internationally?

1,087 million.

Whether it’s by ship, air or train the number of travellers heading overseas continues to grow by the year.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), an extra 52 million international tourists travelled last year – is a five percent increase from to 2012.

Despite a weak economy, Europe welcomed the most new arrivals with an additional 29 million international tourists in 2013. This increased the total number of visitors to 563 million.

Growth was strongest in Asia and the Pacific, where international arrivals increased by six percent or 14 million to reach 248 million.

Africa attracted a record number of overseas visitors last year with six percent or three million additional arrivals increasing overall international tourists to 56 million in 2013.

Meanwhile, ongoing violence in the Middle East has stunted the region’s growth. Last year the region failed to attract new visitors and welcomed 52 million international tourists, the same as 2012.


Where are all the extra tourists coming from you ask?

Russia and China.

The two countries proved to be the world’s most important source markets. According to the study, China was the largest outbound market in 2012 and the Russian Federation was the fifth largest.

Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom had a three percent increase in travellers heading overseas.

Other emerging markets include Turkey, which had 24 more travellers heading overseas; Qatar and the Philippines had 18 percent more international travellers; and Kuwait recorded 15 percent more outgoing holidaymakers.