Paul Gauguin Cruises has announced a fascinating line-up of chefs, musicians, artists, astronomers, oceanographers and marine biologists to host a selection of sailings in 2012.

Among the numerous hosts is world-renowned oceanographer and environmentalist Jean-Michel Cousteau. Cousteau will join sailings in May, July, November and December, providing lectures with videos of his work and accompanying guests on dives.

Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef for 10 years, Art Smith, will join the March 3 ‘Cook & Society Islands’ cruise, dishing out cooking demonstrations and culinary excursions along with a special event for Tahitian children in which he will demonstrate affordable healthy cooking practices and lessons from his award-winning charity, Common Threads.

On June 2, 2012, Bill Kramer, an expert in solar eclipse prediction mathematics, will accompany the same sailing, prepping hearts and minds for an open-ocean, unadulterated view of the Transit of Venus, a rare astronomical event to be witnessed by guests on the evening of June 5, 2012.