Pandaw sails to remote Burma region


Pandaw Cruises continues to expand its reach into remote destinations across Asia, announcing the addition of Burma’s ancient Mrauk-U to select itineraries.

Located in the northern Rakhine State, it was once the capital of the Mrauk U Kingdom, which was an important and powerful kingdom from 1430 to 1785.

Although its extensive and untouched history makes it a promising tourist destination, it is a difficult destination to get to and finding accommodation is also a challenge.

Seeing an opportunity, Pandaw Cruises announced it will send its new 10 cabin RV Kaladan Pandaw to the destination from October 2015.

The ship will sail on a weekly Sittwe to Kyauktaw cruise, with stops in Mrauk U and the Tattoo Villages.


Founder Paul Strachan who has visited the destination twice, says he’s yet to find a location like it.

“I first went up the Le Myo river to visit the monuments of Mrauk U in 1986 and they were so amazed to see a foreigner they asked me to sign the visitor’s book,” he said.

“I returned in 1993 and was asked to sign the visitor’s book once again on the same page as seven years before.

“This was one of the best river journeys I ever made and nothing could get you closer to the people and their very different culture here.”

The line is offering an early bird discount of 10 percent on bookings made 300 or more days prior to departure.