Currently sailing on an 18-day Antarctica voyage, the Orion  changed course in accordance with ‘Safety of Life at Sea’ procedures to rescue  the stranded Delord who had sent a distress call out on Friday after abandoning  his yacht.

The diversion meant that a scheduled call into Macquarie Island  was cancelled.

“I’m not sure they (Orion) realised how much we really missed  the whole experience of actually getting on the ice (because of the conditions  around Antarctica), getting on Macquarie Island,” Adelaide passenger Ted  Lojszczyk told Australian paper The Daily Telegraph.

“The dollars you spend, it’s an experience once in a lifetime so  we wonder what will be put on the table once we actually go and discuss it.”

Orion has flown in two representatives to meet with passengers  onboard individually to discuss the itinerary change and resolve any issues  they may have.

“In recognition of the inconvenience caused to the passengers  from the unexpected diversion from the planned itinerary, Orion has, as a  gesture of goodwill, offered the affected passengers a choice of a partial  refund or a future cruise credit,” an Orion spokesperson told e-Travel  Blackboard.

“In addition due to the earlier than scheduled arrival back in  Hobart, Orion’s team have put together three days of touring of Tasmania’s  coastal highlights.”

63-year old Delord expressed his thanks through a translator at  a press conference in Hobart on Monday.

“Thank you to the Australian maritime authorities and thank you  to Orion,” Mr Delord said.

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Words: Natalie Aroyan