On the eve of their 10th anniversary, premium cruise line, Oceania Cruises, have enhanced their loyalty program to make it easier for passengers to obtain cruise credits.

Introducing the new ‘Blue’ entry level, cruisers now have the opportunity to obtain credits from their first cruise.

“Our past guests continually show their loyalty by returning to us again and again,” Oceania Cruise president Kunal S. Kamlani said in his blog.

“That dedication has built Oceania Cruises into what we are today and allows us to deliver the most value-packed cruise vacation in the industry.”

Mr Kumlani spoke with guests aboard the most recent ‘Reunion Cruise’ aboard Oceania Riviera sailing from Lisbon to Rome, where he gathered suggestions to improve the loyalty club.

Every milestone has been enhanced with added benefits including free ‘Air Deviation Fee Waivers’, advanced notice on new itineraries, captain’s cocktail reception and savings on onboard activities including the ‘Canyon Ranch SpaClub®’ and internet access.

Oceania Club Levels are determined based on the number of cruise credits earned:

  • Cruises up to 24 days will receive one cruise credit
  • Cruises 25-34 days will receive two cruise credits
  • Cruises 35-44 days will receive three cruise credits
  • Cruises 45-54 days will receive four cruise credits
  • Cruises 55 + will receive five cruise credits

The new “Blue” level is reached with two to four credits and includes a blue membership pin, exclusive Oceania Club cocktail reception, exclusive Members-Only offers, advanced notice on new itineraries and ten percent discount on Oceania Cruises logo merchandise.

Enhancements to the “Bronze” level (obtainable with five to nine credits) include twenty percent discount on any single internet package while “Silver” level members (obtainable with 10 to 14 credits) will receive benefits including ten percent discount on the ‘Unlimited Shore Excursion Passport Collection’ and ten percent discount on any beverage package.

“Gold” level members (obtainable with 15 to 19 credits) will now receive benefits including; two complimentary ‘Air Deviation Waivers’ while “Platinum” level members (obtainable with 20-39 credits) will now receive enhancements including; 30 percent discount on any single internet package.

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Words: Natalie Aroyan