Norwegian Breaks Away With Ice Bar At-Sea

A true ice bar at-sea will be another signature feature aboard Norwegian Breakaway when she launches in early May 2013.

Following on from the success of the ice bar aboard Norwegian Epic, it will remain at 17 degrees Fahrenheit and will feature ice sculptures of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building in homage to its year-round homeport of New York City.

The Ice Bar will also offer speciality NYC-themed cocktails that guests will be able to sample out of ice glasses whilst sitting on ice seats.

Located on deck eight, only 25 guests will be admitted entry at one time on a reservation-only basis between 5:30pm and 10:30pm for a nominal fee which will also include two of the following signature cocktails:

  • Spiked Apple Juice: Vodka, sour apple schnapps, melon liqueur and a splash of fresh lemon sour;
  • Broadway Dreams: Vodka and ice wine chilled straight;
  • Yellow Cab: Vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice;
  • Times Square Lights: Citron vodka, blue curacao and fresh lemon sour;
  • Central Park: Citron vodka, ice wine and lemon/lime soda;
  • Rock Center: Ice wine, vodka, blue curacao and club soda.

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Words: Natalie Aroyan