New Galapagos Itineraries

Sanctuary Retreats has altered its Galapagos Island itineraries in order to abide by and benefit from new regulations introduced to the islands (see Galapagos Cruises Restricted).

The new regulations now limit tourist operators from visiting locations more than once every 15 days – previously they could visit every seven days. But the new regulations also allow tourist operators to visit more areas.

“The Galapagos Islands is a luxury area with an increasing trend of interest,” said David Spooner, EVP of marketing at Sanctuary Retreats. “The changes that have been recently made to the Galapagos have been done in order to balance conservationism with tourism by opening up more areas while limiting traffic in them.”

Taking advantage of this, Sanctuary Retreats has introduced two new seven-night itineraries that include visits to sites that were previously off-limits.

Sanctuary has also introduced the eight-cabin M.C. Athala, a ship designed for small, intimate groups.

Are you interested in experiencing one of these new itineraries?