New Expedition Cruise Company

Denise Landau, the former Executive Director of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, has formed a new expedition cruise line, Sea Voyager Expeditions.

The cruise line will be focusing activities in the ecologically rich countries of Columbia, Costa Rica, Equador and Panama, with tours seeking to provide passengers with in-depth, expert enhanced experiences of the regions untouched wilderness, rarely visited small villages and indigenous peoples.

“We have chosen to specialize in this region and share its spectacular diversity as exploration from the sea floor to the rainforest canopy is possible,” states Denise Landau. “Our itineraries are as varied as the noisy monkeys, the myriad of colorful butterflies, and the thousands of species of birds unique and endemic to this region.”

Guests will be accompanied by guides and experienced naturalists with knowledge spanning the sciences, from birds, marine mammals and plants to history and culture.