New design approach for Holland America

Holland America’s grand new ship ms Koningsdam will be the first of the line’s new Pinnacle class – a new era in design approach for the company.

Fans of the line can have a sneak peek into new interiors designed by Adam D. Tihany and Bjørn Storbraaten.

The concept of the ship, according to Mr Tihany is a metaphorical approach and was inspired by the “architecture of music”.

“The idea was to tell a story that guests can connect with throughout their voyage. I was inspired by the thought of what you might see from the inside of a musical instrument, what the architecture of the surfaces and the geometry look like,” he said.

“The design isn’t a literal translation of music, but a conceptual approach where we seek to evoke the feeling beauty of an instrument with graceful lines, dramatic textures, lighting effects and use of materials. My inspirations were not only instruments but also majestic spaces and exaggerating the feeling of height so guests feel the grandeur of every room.”

CEO of Holland America Line Stein Krause said future passengers could get a sneak preview of what to expect onboard ms Koningsdam.

“When guests come aboard ms Koningsdam, they’ll know they’re on a Holland America Line ship, but they’ll see we’re taking a forward thinking approach to many of the design elements. Revealing the first renderings and video of ms Koningsdam enables us to give future guests an advance look at the stunning interiors and over the coming months will reveal innovative new features along with our classics hallmarks that will create a cruise experience for the travellers of tomorrow.”

Mr Krause said he has spent the past 12 months working to better align Princess and Holland America Line which has an age-old rivalry that has been famously compared to Pepsi and Coke.

Though the new mantra is now to “communicate, collaborate and coordinate”, each line is honing in on catering for their target audience.

While both lines have similar customer demographics, the Princess experience is more active and contemporary and HAL with its mid-sized ships exude more premium elegance.

And this is highlighted by the construction of new ships like ms Koningsdam to differentiate between the two lines.

It comes down to “not competing with ourselves,” said Mr Kruse.

“Doing these things really makes sense as a group and we want to lift everything in the portfolio.