The recently refurbished National Geographic Orion will undergo additional changes this year to streamline the vessel with the Lindblad fleet.

Entering drydock early September, major refurbishments will be made to the ship’s two public spaces, including the Lounge, which will receive a ‘circle of truth’ in the centre of the room.

Already seen on National Geographic Explorer, the circle serves as a focal area for presentations and recap discussions by the ship’s team and experts.

The library in the Lounge will be removed to provide 20 percent additional seating space.

In the Observation Lounge a complete new layout will feature an intimate library, a nautical chart table and a self-serve beverage station.

Meanwhile, the ship’s bar will be completely redesigned.

Other changes onboard include new furnishings and carpets in a modern, expedition style interior; and upgrades to all audio and visual functions including large high definition flat screens and a contemporary audio system.

Renovations will be completed in Singapore and in time for the ship’s 16 September ‘Camp Leakey: Faces in the Forest’ expedition.

This will be National Geographic Orion’s second drydock this year. The ship underwent changes in January following Lindblad’s acquisition of the 102-passenger vessel.

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