MSC Cruises has made the latest move in the onboard Wi-Fi wars with a new range of multi-device packages that are the best value at sea.

MSC’s basic Social Package is priced from €3.90 (A$5.70) per day or €14.90 (A$21.70) for a seven-night cruise. The package includes unlimited access for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp and more for one device.

The Surfer Package offers general internet access for for two devices for €9.90 (A$14.40) per day or €29.90 (A$43.60) for a seven-night cruise. The Streamer Package allows up to four devices to connect to the internet and stream audio or video services like Netflix for €19.90 (A$29.00) per day or €59.90 (A$87.30) for a seven-night cruise.

That means a family of four could each have unlimited internet and streaming on their own device for a seven-night cruise for less than A$22 each. That’s seriously cheap. It’s the multi-device policy that really makes these plans good value and MSC is the only line to offer it.

Carnival Cruise Lines introduced a similar range of packages across its global fleet last year with a US$5 (A$6.45) per day social media package, US$16 (A$20.65) per day general internet package and US$25 (A$32.30) per day streaming package. There are discounts for purchasing the package for the entire cruise. These packages can only be used on a single device, so cruisers would need to purchase a separate one for each passenger. The line is currently working on the infrastructure needed to bring packages to its two Australian ships, though no word yet on pricing.

Royal Caribbean’s unlimited internet package is priced at US$20 (A$25.80) per day for one device and US$30 (A$38.70) per day for two devices.

Pacific Dawn, Jewel and Pearl from P&O Cruises offer internet packages that work out to be around 50c per minute (as opposed to 75c per minute for pay-as-you-go). The line is currently trialling new internet plans on Pacific Aria and Eden that include social media and data packages with prices ranging from $19-100.