MSC Cruises has teamed up with infant specialists, Chicco to bring new products, parenting advice and custom-built children areas on six ships.

New strollers, bottle warmers and baby backpacks will be available on board and families will receive ‘Baby Globetrotter packs with information on services and mini-club activities, game ideas, kids menus and tips for family excursions.

There will also be new custom-built children areas, which will be fitted on Lirica-class vessels during their Renaissance renovations and new ships currently being built.

Chicco will also provide MSC staff with special training on how to manage on board childcare facilities and offer advice to families.

“We always have the safety of our guests in mind, especially children, and Chicco embodies exactly that, as well as the ‘made in Italy’ label that both our companies proudly represent across the world,” MSC chief executive Gianni Onorato said.

“The partnership with Chicco is set in the long term as they will play an essential role also in the design of specific and innovative kids’ areas in the ships that are being built in France and Italy.”