MSC Cruises to stretch out Lirica-class ships

Four of MSC Cruises’ Lirica-class ships are expected to go under the knife as part of plans to add 800 cabins across its fleet.

Speculations of a refit emerged this week, and includes cutting and adding extra length to MSC Armonia; MSC Sinfonia; MSC Lirica; and MSC Opera, according to the trade website Travel Weekly UK.

MSC Cruises Australia has advised Cruise Passenger that the refit is still in the discussion stages at this time. 

Currently the four ships carry roughly 1,500 passengers each. However, if the re-fit is given the go-ahead, the ships could be sailing with 200 extra cabins each.

The trade publication indicated the “stretching” of the four ships is part of the line’s focus to keep its fleet to the highest standard, without having to introduce new ships for the next three years. However, orders for new vessels to join MSC Cruises after that period are expected soon.

In addition to cabins, the refit is also likely to include more balconies to attract cruisers from the UK.