More Variety

Boutique yacht cruise line Variety Cruises has announced new itineraries for 2012 in the Middle East, West Africa, Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

The year will also see the launch of two new ships: the 223-foot (68-metre) Variety Voyager mega-yacht and the three-masted sail cruiser Panorama ll.

‘The Rivers of West Africa’ itinerary will take passengers from Dakar to Senegal on the Gambia River and starts this month.

And on ‘Arabian Journeys’, starting in November 2012, the new Variety Voyager will set forth from Abu Dhabi into the Arabian Gulf and trace the Omani coast to Muscat.

On ‘Romantic Rivieras’, from June 2012, Variety Voyager soaks up the Mediterranean summer sun on a cruise down the coastlines of France and Italy.

‘Treasures of South Italy and Malta’ provides exactly that on Variety Voyager voyages from September 2012.

And ‘The Adriatic Odyssey’, from July 2012, attempts Homer-esque adventure on Harmony G as it journeys to Corfu, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro.