The ship may be a year out from her maiden voyage, but cruisers already have a lot to say about P&O’s Britannia.

In September last year, the cruise line revealed it was building the largest ship to serve the British market.

To be launched in March 2015, the ship will carry 3,500 passengers. That is almost 100 more passengers than the Ventura and Azura.

Blending modern with classic, the ship was designed to reflect the style and sophistication of the today’s cruiser while retaining the timeless features of P&O ships.

A few months later the line released a Behind the Design’ video for its latest ship. Company executives and designers talk for 2.26 minutes about the features on board from dining to entertainment.

One reader said that the ship will be “good news for Southampton”.

“I have heard all about P&Os new ship Britannia I have looked at her construction progress can’t wait to see her on her maiden voyage,” the commenter said.

Another said it would be great press for the UK.

However comments left by P&O cruisers on the Youtube video suggest their concerned P&O is just building another big ship.

One Youtuber said P&O isn’t listening to its core passengers and although the ship may be “swish” the line’s passengers aren’t looking for another “Supermarket ship”.

“Ventura and Azura are a good example of a struggling company trying to attract a new market by mega discounting, the pile it high and sell it cheap method, and the 3 beautiful ships Oriana Aurora and Oceana are far superior to this floating holiday camp with 3000 plus passengers,” the comment read.

Agreeing, a second cruiser said P&O attract regular cruisers who “do not want a monster ship”.

“We want more ships in the style and size of Aurora and Oriana that were designed for the British market, not simply Princess/Carnival identical ships with different interiors,” the commenter said.

“That is all this Britannia is. I gather P&O are doing away with silver service. Sacrilege!”