Is this the secret to Australia’s airport safety?

Australian Customs and Border Protection Services is no longer.

In its place will be the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) – operated and enforced by Australian Border Force.

Bringing these two organisations together “will improve border security and deliver more convenient, cost-effective and nationally consistent services for the benefit of clients and partners”, according to a statement released today.

“Security measures around airports and seaports will remain,”says a Department of Immigration and Border Protection spokesperson. Travellers may notice signage and uniforms have changed. Travellers will also notice that the Department’s website has changed to www.border.gov.au and is a central hub for all immigration, citizenship, trade, customs, border protection and maritime security information.”

“Behind the scenes, the Department is working to streamline our processes, as well as automate and digitise a number of border-related services. This will allow travellers a more seamless experience and help us perform our duties.”

For example, SmartGates have started to be rolled out across Australia’s international airports – starting with Sydney – to allow travellers departing the country to self-process through passport control. The system minimises the need for man power in the form of a Border Force officer, as it automatically conducts border clearance checks – but only those taller than 120cm will be able to use SmartGates.

The merger will not affect any visa or citizenship applications that were underway prior to July 1.