Huge houseboat

A $109m “floating community” will be so big it will split in two to get through small waterways.

Billed as the “retirement dream”, a new five-deck houseboat is set to ply America’s rivers year-round, complete with its own crew of 34, restaurants, swimming pools, an 18-hole golf course and 180 apartments, each with a private balcony.

To be called the Marquette, the luxurious houseboat is the brainchild of marine developer David Nelson, who has lived on a houseboat in Minnesota for 19 years and is funding the entire $109 million project with a fellow developer through his company River Cities.

With the aim of following the good weather, Nelson has planned for the Marquette to cruise the Gulf of Mexico and the rivers from Texas to Minnesota year-round. He also said that two buses would follow Marquette’s route to give passengers transport while in port.

“We never want to see snow and we never want to see hurricane season,” Nelson reportedly told CNN, quoted on the Daily Mail.

The luxury residence will be so big that it will be able to split in two to navigate through smaller waterways and its 350 to 400 residents will share the fees of fuel, docking and crew wages.

Could you imagine yourself living on a river ship like Marquette?